Beginning the Journey

Enrolling in a military-style school is a big change. One day you’re at home in your comfy room surrounded by the things you love, 和 the next day you’re in your new room with a roommate you just met, surrounded by little more than the bare necessities. It’s all proof that changing yourself starts with changing your environment.

Before you know it, though, 费什伯恩 will feel like home. But don’t be surprised if you have a period of homesickness (most boys do.) After all, life is gonna be more rigorous 和 more controlled—but also more rewarding. And, just so you know, it might be a big adjustment for your parents too.

If you’re a parent, we’re more than happy to help. 这是一个 faculty 和 staff directory with phone numbers 和 e-mail addresses; please feel free to contact anyone with questions 和/or concerns.

Learning ROOK Rules

“新学员” = ROOK

新学员s are called ROOKS. And during your first few days, here are some of the things that happen to every ROOK: you get your first haircut, you’re measured for uniforms 和 equipment, instructed in drill 和 military courtesy, receive your academic schedules, are h和ed your Cadet Regulations 和 新学员 manuals (truly “words to live by”) 和 you’ll meet with you Advisor. You’ll also meet the cadet officers 和 non-commissioned officers who will supervise you.

How to Succeed at 费什伯恩

You’ll undergo a training process designed to teach you what you need to know to succeed at 费什伯恩 和 instill 和 reinforce character-building traits that will be carried throughout your life.

During this time, you’re not allowed to possess any electronic equipment except for a computer 和 a basic battery-powered clock radio or wind-up alarm clock. Once you’ve all successfully mastered the “ROOK Rules” you, as a class, will be promoted.

New cadets are not allowed to take a town pass or leave until they have passed all new cadet tests 和 have completed Breakout. Mid-year new cadets will be allowed to take/pass their tests as soon as possible 和 will be recognized an ‘old man’ as soon as all tests are passed.